• Title: Organizing for Entrepreneurship

    • Committee: Felipe Csaszar (Chair), Justin Frake, Gautam Ahuja, Gerald Davis, and Scott Page


Lee, S. and Csaszar, F. A. 2020. "Cognitive and Structural Antecedents of Innovation: A Large-Sample Study." Strategy Science 5(2) 71–97. [Link]

      • Award: Michigan Ross Emeritus Award for the Best Second-year Paper (2017)

      • Presentation

        • 2019: Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Works in Progress

Lee, S. "The Myth of the Flat Start-ups: Reconsidering the Organizational Structure of Start-ups." [Job Market Paper]

      • Stage: Revise and Resubmit at Strategic Management Journal

      • Award

        • Winner, INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition (2019)

        • Winner, Strategic Management Society Best Conference PhD Paper Prize (2019)

      • Presentation

        • 2020: Seoul National University

        • 2019: Simon Fraser University, University of Texas-Austin, University College London, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, The Wharton School, Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition, Michigan Ross Business Economics & Public Policy, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Consortium on Competitiveness and Cooperation Conference, Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference, East Coast Doctoral Conference, Michigan Ross Strategy

Hurst, R., Lee, S., and Frake, J. "The Hidden Cost of Flat Hierarchies in Attracting Human Capital: A Field Experiment."

Keum, D. D., Bailey, E., and Lee, S. "Functionalization and the Biases in Assessing Creativity."

Lee, S., Lee, J., and Song, J. "The Resilience of Dynamic Hub Structure in the Korean Pop Music Industry."

Columbia/NYU East Coast Doctoral Conference (2019)
Consortium on Competitiveness and Cooperation Conference (2019)