MGMT 6120: Managing the Emerging Enterprise

MGMT 9260: Seminar in Strategy and Organization Design

MGMT 2230: Business Strategy

"Ronnie is quite possibly the most knowledgeable, approachable, and interesting professor I've had the privilege to work with during my time at Penn. He truly cares about his students learning and goes the extra mile to make his lectures engaging with jokes and personal anecdotes. He offers helpful feedback and I've gone to several of his office hours, where he readily takes apart my arguments in my write-ups and makes me think critically about the frameworks that I'm applying and the risks/costs that I may not have thought about. The cases that Ronnie selected are also really interesting, and MGMT 2230 is the one class where I find myself reading the cases not just the night before the writeup deadline. This class certainly wasn't the easiest course I've taken here, but it is unequivocally the one I got the most out of. The first couple of cases were difficult, but with Ronnie's excellent teaching and his ability to decompose complex frameworks into something simple and accessible, I developed my skills in business analysis and strategy implementation. I'm confident the skills I gained in Ronnie's class will help me in my future career, and I look forward to staying in touch with him."

"The course has provided a great overview of the intricacies of Business Strategy and has introduced me to a way of thinking that I hadn't previously considered. Saerom Lee (Ronnie) has been a great professor who made the classes fun, enthusiastic and interesting. Ronnie clearly put a great deal of effort into creating and cultivating this course with careful selections of cases to be studied which were all relevant and directly applicable. Ronnie always went out of his way to offer help, guidance and professional insights into the course which was heavily appreciated by many. As an exchange student, I would say this has been the best course I've taken this semester, and Ronnie has contributed heavily to this opinion."

"The course was appropriately challenging and very stimulative. I liked how we covered cases in the classes, and the way our assignments were structured. We got to apply the frameworks that we learned in the previous class by using it for the assignments, which made the knowledge that we gained in class more memorable. I can tell how passionate the professor in both in teaching his knowledge and encouraging students to be more engaging with the content. He is an excellent professor."

"Excellent course. Ronnie is one of the best professors I have had at Penn. Cannot recommend enough both him as a professor and his ability to convey course material in an incredibly interesting and applicable way."

"Ronnie is a great professor that clearly shows a meaningful interest in his students' learning. The course is a lot of work, but you will learn so much. He is one of my favorite professors that I've had at Penn to date because of his entertaining personality and the engaging content he covers in class."

"Ronnie is a very dedicated professor who has done an excellent job communicating the course material. I have learned a lot from this course which will apply to my career after Penn."

"Ronnie was a great professor! I would strongly recommend this course to fellow undergrads, and quite honestly, may consider this course my favorite I've taken at Penn. His ability to stimulate student interest and apply his teachings to tangible cases and real-world implementation is beyond what I have seen in other classes. It was a great class!"

"Business Strategy has been one of the most entertaining and academically stimulating courses I have taken. In terms of academic/business content, everything we have learnt is not only interesting but also very applicable to the real world. On top of this, Ronnie was an excellent professor. He was always motivated and kept the class engaged as well as was always available. He made learning easy and enjoyable which is perhaps the best thing about the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone whether or not business is their major."

"Quite frankly, I've never felt strongly enough about a class to review it--that is, until this one. I chose this subject quite haphazardly but stayed after seeing how Ronnie consistently engages the entire class with interesting content and discussions. I've never been both as challenged and as passionate about the content of a class as I have been for this one. As a result, I've found that the lessons I've learned have left an indelible mark on how I perceive and evaluate business issues. Definitely recommend the class, and more so the professor, to any Penn student."

"This has been one of the most educational, as well as one of the most enjoyable, classes that I have taken in my 4 years at Penn. Professor Lee is a superstar, both in terms of his teaching ability as well as his ability to stimulate the interest of his students. He has a unique capacity to take abstract theories and concepts and make them immediately tangible through the use of cases, both formal HBS case studies as well as "mini-cases" that he includes throughout his lectures. The use of mini cases in particular is tremendously beneficial, as it helps undergrads relate to and grasp situations that they would never have had exposure to yet because of their lack of experience in the workforce. Professor Lee is a rare Professor who is very clearly enthusiastic about and really good at teaching undergrads. I have two younger siblings at Wharton, and this is one of the vanishingly few classes I will give my highest recommendation: "Do not leave Wharton without taking Prof. Lee's MGMT 223 class." I feel that this class has prepared me for whatever comes after graduation, and beyond, and I couldn't be more satisfied to have taken this class."

"Amazing class and an amazing professor. Would strongly recommend taking MGMT 223 with Professor Ronnie to all Wharton students."

"Ronnie is a phenomenal professor. His ability to explain the subject matter and engage the students is incredible. This is one of the best courses I've taken at Wharton and Ronnie is one of the best professors I've ever had."

"This is one of the best classes I've taken at Penn. Ronnie was a phenomenal professor. He was engaging, excited, challenging, and overall a rockstar. He has made so much time to meet with us outside of class, and is one of the most engaging professors I've had at Penn. This class certainly challenged me, but it was a phenomenal learning experience."

"I absolutely loved this class! This is definitely one of the best classes I've taken at Penn; I've learned so much about strategy in just one semester. Ronnie was a phenomenal professor and did a great job keeping students engaged even virtually."

"Ronnie is one of the best professors that I have had at Wharton. I know that what I learned in this class will help me in the future because it has already helped me in the present for other classes. I have a much better understanding of competitive advantage and strategy than I could even imagine."

STRAT 290: Business Strategy

"The best class I've taken so far in Ross, and the best teacher I have had so far as well."

"Saerom is an excellent professor. He really encouraged our learning in an exciting way that it didn't feel like a task. The class was always extremely interesting to attend and time always flew by because it was so interesting."

"Professor Lee was absolutely fantastic. The mini-cases he provided to our class were very engaging, the class was extremely interactive, and he created a great learning environment by promoting discussions that involved the entire class. He also made a great deal of time for students outside of class and was always willing to help out when students needed it. He is one of the best professors that I have ever had."

"I really like the use of mini cases and cases to explain frameworks and I like how it was very interactive. Saerom is my favorite professor thus far at Ross. He always made time to meet with us and would change office hours to make sure everyone was helped. He really knew the information and made sure everyone had a chance to participate.''

"This course was tailored to the interests of the students through the mini-cases that were covered each class which made it feel really personal and increased my desire to learn. Saerom was great at answering everyone's questions both inside and outside of the classroom setting. I would go as far as saying that he is the best professor I have had during my time here. His main goal is just to make sure all of his students are learning and he recognizes the level of effort we put into his class.''

U-M Interdisciplinary Committee on Organizational Studies (ICOS) Big Data Camp

Business Strategy (Winter 2017)
ICOS Big Data Camp (2018)